Gateway Care History


Before & After


In 2006 Two people had a vision to feed the needy in our community and with $200.00 in their kitty, off they went to Brisbane’s Foodbank.

When they returned, they set up shop (a couple of bricks and a plank of wood as their table) and displayed their products at the Golden Beach Football Club changing rooms. In the first 2 months they had 50 members join and really didn’t know what big plans God had for Gateway Care (small beginnings).

There were 2 more moves for Gateway Care 1 in Allen Street and then 1 in Bulcock Street before Gateway Care reached its present location in Helen Street where it has been trading since January 2010. Gateway Care is growing more and more each day and currently have over 5000 members on our database. In any given year we will see the Centre add around 1000 new families and see 1000 leave either due to transient circumstances or as they move off the welfare system Each week more than 20 new families will become new members at Gateway Care.

We are all about being aware of community needs, providing low cost groceries to pensioners and families doing it tough and listening to the concerns of our members. We have found that people come to Gateway Food Centre no just because we have low cost groceries, but to be a part of community. To hang out, to have a coffee and a chat. We encourage this and believe in social inclusion.

Gateway is not attached to any Church organisation but does abide by Christian values as established in their constitution. We are here to help families in need and to support other community groups that support families in need. If you need assistance please get in contact with us.
Thank you.

Debbie Knight (Gateway Care Manager)