We Are Gateway Care

We connect so that no one is alone, collect so no one is hungry and care for community wellbeing and the environment.

Our Journey

Gateway Care Limited is the culmination of two entities. In 2003 Tom Lew began a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) entity which accepted cash donations to support families in need. This functioned alongside a low cost outlet to help welfare recipients with low cost groceries. The guidance and leadership required to see this outlet continue operating saw the amalgamation of the two entities by 2007, with Tom overseeing all of Gateway’s business processes and financial practises by 2009 to overturn the struggling operations which was facing closure.

Debra Knight, a legend of Gateway, began her journey as a volunteer, appointed to a management role a few years later. Deb’s heart for the community and involvement in Gateway from the beginning then saw her undertake tertiary studies to help her manage volunteer workers and provide her with additional skills for her leadership role. The next decade saw Tom and Debra face significant challenges to keep the program afloat and with virtually little to no resource they self-funded the operations. In these early years, they worked with minimal wages and sacrificed significantly to help the welfare-recipient families they supported.

Through hard work and determination, the small food support service has grown to become one of the largest of its kind in Queensland.
Two of our favourite mandates:

Give a hand up not a hand out” and “Provide one another care because every one matters”.

These two fundamental values are embraced by Gateway Staff and volunteers. Today thousands of families are supported through Gateway Care’s Food Centre. Gateway’s caring staff continue to help with the same heart of compassion to continue the Gateway Care story.

Connect so that no one is alone

We value social inclusion and connectivity. We believe no one should have to do life alone. We provide a listening ear and encourage people to share their story so that we can do the journey with them.

Collectso that no one is hungry

We distribute rescued food to low-income families at discounted prices. Much of our donated food is accepted ‘near use by dates’ and ‘best before dates’ distributed to families that will use them straight away.

Carefor our community and
the environment

We rescue on average 40,000 kg of food each week. This benefits those in need and our environment by saving this waste from going to landfill.

Gateway Care

We are a social enterprise based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and the largest food rescue organisation in Queensland. We are a beacon of hope, a compassionate and inclusive force for good in our community helping those in need.

Our Vision

We aim to help build a thriving and resilient community where no one stands alone, hunger is eradicated and compassionate care nurtures both our people and our environment.

Our Mission

Gateway Care is dedicated to forging connections that dispel isolation, collecting sustenance to alleviate hunger, and fostering a culture of care that enriches our community's well-being while safeguarding our environment.

Gateway’s Board of Directors

Tom Lew
Managing Director
With a broad career in Banking, Finance and International Business Consultancy Tom is passionate about compassion programs that offer positive solutions in community wellbeing, social and economic advancement.
Lani Refiti
Chair/Independent Director
Lani leads authentically and attracts others to engage with Gateway Care. He uses innovation as a key differentiator and inspires a collaborative spirit to deliver successful outcomes in all he does.
Amanda Peterson
Currently a primary school teacher with a heart for families and our community. Amanda works alongside the team to help care for families, knowing how important it is for our children to have access to good food.
Bonnie Scorey
General Manager/Director
With a heart for the community and previous warehouse management experience, Bonnie is highly motivated to see others succeed and reach their full potential. She brings a level of excellence to everything we do at Gateway.
Gateway Connect Centre
Gateway Food Centre
Tash, Mel and Janelle
Gateway Food Rescue and Warehouse Team

Thank You to our Donors & Partners

What Members Say

Gateway has seen rapid growth over the last 15 years, particularly during the global pandemic. People need a hand up now more than ever. Here are a few of their stories.
I love Gateway because the staff are friendly, they have a great variety of food and it is so affordable!
I love Gateway for what it does for the community. I love the friendships I have made here!
Since coming to Gateway I have been so totally blessed... every time I leave the store I feel loved and hopeful... like everything is going to be ok...
I love Gateway because they are so friendly and they truly want to help others.
This voucher will get my kids and myself through this week. Thank you for your generosity - you really helped us out! I am very grateful!
D. Bates
Gateway is so good for me as a pensioner! I wouldn’t be able to survive without Gateway. Everyone is so kind to me... I love it!
I love volunteering at Gateway because of the community involvement and the service we provide for people in need!
Wow! Amazing! Thank you... the RACK voucher made me cry!